Sergio M.L. Tarrero interviews author Paco Mota (English subtitles)

If Darwin and Sócrates, Global Sciocracy is Paco Mota's debut essay.


Global Sciocracy, abbreviated by the Greek letter  Σ (read "Sigma"), is the author's proposal so that us world citizens can, in an orderly, peaceful,  democratic and etho-legitimate manner, correct GEAD, the Global EthoAuthoritative Deficit.


Sciocracy takes into consideration, and even puts in a pedestal, the fundamental ideas and discoveries made by Charles Darwin and by Socrates.


Darwin discovered that all human beings belong to one same species, and are distant relatives of the members of all other species by an evolutionary ancestry of millions of years. Thus, the base political decisionmakers must be all ratiocognitively competent human beings.


Sócrates saw that, in order to reach reasonable decisions, be them individual or collective decisions, political or not, the opinion of an informed, or reasonably educated human being (or agent) with full cognitive and mental faculties is not of the same value as the opinion of one who is provably uninformed, ignorant, or cognitively compromised or limited.


If we take into account what Darwin and Socrates taught us, we must set up a Global Sciocracy. If we want to end GEAD, we must set up Σ, and we must do it as soon as possible.

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