• Publisher Sergio M.L. Tarrero interviews If Darwin & Socrates, Global Sciocracy author Paco Mota (English subtitles)

1) FWC1 establishes a universal and democratic law and justice system.

• Interview of Federico Mayor Zaragoza, General Director at UNESCO 1987-1999 (Spanish)

• Ian Godin, World Economic Forum: Rethinking Global Governance

2) FWC2 establishes bapodeship (the condition of a base political decisionmaker) via scientifically-sanctioned (using a Double-Blind Model or DBM) sciologicity (or raciocognitivity), not by extrauterine age, as well as the direct (quasi)proportionality between the MDC-sanctioned personal sciocrenum (number of sciological credits or sciocredits) and the sciovonum (number of sciological votes or sciovotes).

• TED Talks - Manuel Lima: A visual history of human knowledge

• TEDxKC - Michael Wesch - From Knowledgeable to Knowledge-Able

• Academy of Ideas: Socrates videos (3 videos)

3) FWC3 establishes both the free unrestricted access to all unreserved true or scioprobable information, and the universal anti-indoctrination ban.

• Nicholas Humphrey: "What Shall We Tell The Children?" (you can also read it here)

Beautiful Minds, presented by Richard Dawkins (with optional subtitles)

The enemies of reason, presented by Richard Dawkins.

Episode 1: Slaves to Superstition (with Spanish subtitles)

Episode 2: Irrational Health System (with Spanish subtitles)

4) FWC4 establishes the universal abolition of cash money (physical money) and the exhaustive, secure, confidential and traceable inforegistry of every Legal Economic Transaction (LET).

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